Principal Functions (Major Areas of Responsibility):

  • Reports directly to the KSA Commercial Operations Manager
  • Coordinates with Commercial Consultant and undertakes tasks as requested
  • Coordinates with Accounting Consultant and undertakes tasks as requested
  • Maintain a full sets of accounting books – GL/ AR/ AP and Fixed assets via the online Odoo platform
  • Maintains Banking reconciliations and schedules and debtors aging and regularly monitoring cashflow and providing reports as required to senior management
  • First point of contact for finance related queries, escalates to Commercial Operations Manager, Commercial Consultant or Accounting Consultant dependent upon the nature of the concern.
  • To be an active participant team member with regular liaison with site FM managers (as appropriate) and to be able to flag any areas of financial concern so they can be remedied asap.
  • Responsible for all data entry in the Odoo system relating to accounts payable, accounts receivable, debtors, creditors, ledger updates, cashflow forecasting, updating project revenues on system.
  • Responsible for providing month end P&L reports.
  • Organises and collates support documentation (if required) for Client Invoicing.
  • Maintain physical accounts payable and accounts receivable folders, with up to date and correctly filed information.
  • Submit the required VAT, GOSI, ZAKAT and other formal government returns, based on appropriate authorization by Accounts Consultant or others.
  • Undertakes the payment process to internal/ external parties based on instruction from Accounting Consultant or others
  • Responsible for all entries, updates and management of the Odoo financial module
  • Responsible for providing Banking documentation including standing instruction
  • Overview and coordination of monthly payroll and disbursement to employees
  • Assist the Accounting Consultant or others to develop and monitor the KSA annual budget, as well as monthly P&L forecasts
  • Coordinate and assist with the annual external audit
  • Liaises with key managers to provide support on required operational financial reports
  • Prepares the budget forecasts In conjunction with the Accounting Consultant / CEO/ as required for each Financial Year.

Duties listed are inclusive but not limited to other areas as required by the business process.

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (These are the fundamental requirements of the job)

  • Collate and prepare for presentation payroll returns, in time to meet payment deadlines.
  • Assist with the compilation of monthly reports to include but not be limited to, Monthly Contract Profitablity (P&L) Report and Customer contract reports, for submission at the appropriate time.
  • Coordinate with the Accounts Consultant and others in preparation of the Company’s monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports.
  • From an accounting perspective, assist in ensuring each FM project operates at a profit.
  • Preparation and assistance with the annual budget/forecast one month prior to end of financial year together with quarterly forecast revisions (if required) during the financial year.